Alyssa T | New Rochelle, NY

No one wants to hear they need a root canal, but unfortunately I needed one after being in severe pain and having swelling for days. My dentist referred me to Dr. Jacobs and I went to see her in her Scarsdale office. First of all, I needed to get it done ASAP because not only was I in a lot of pain, but I was traveling in a couple of days, and they were extremely accommodating – fitting me in well after they were supposed to be closed. Dr. Jacobs explained what needed to be done and was so thorough with everything. I was really nervous before going in, but she put me at ease and made the whole procedure painless! Of course I hope that my days of needing root canals are over, but if anyone needs one I HIGHLY recommend seeing her. She really takes time to make sure you’re comfortable and shows you she cares about getting you back to feeling 100% better. Thank you Dr. Jacobs!