Libbie C. | Manhattan, NY

Dr. Jacobs is truly the best doctor I have ever been too. When I was told that I might have to get a root canal I immediately freaked out (I have a huge fear of any type of procedure that deals with the mouth) and decided I would put off this root canal as long as I can! So of course 2 weeks before my wedding and honeymoon I started to feel pain and was forced to go to the doctor. With such short notice and the limited availability of my schedule, Dr. Jacobs’s office was extremely accommodating and made sure they got me in for an appointment!


As soon as I walked in my heart started to race and I was panicked! IT WAS MY FIRST ROOT CANAL! Dr. Jacobs came in and sat with me and made sure to take the time to not only calm me down but take me through the entire process. She was so thorough in her explanation that not only did I feel like I could go through with this and calmly but I actually felt like she taught me something! Her love for what she does and her knowledge is just a plus. It was her caring personality and unbelievable bed side manner that restored my confidence and basically eliminated my fear of any oral procedures! In addition, Dr. Jacobs checked in on me and how I was feeling over the next few days prior to the root canal. She was so attentive and insured if there was anything I needed in NYC or in Florida (where I was getting married) she would make sure I would be taken of. Believe me when I say I wish she was my primary doctor and I didn’t only have to see her for root canals. SHE’S THAT UNBELIEVABLE!! I recommend her to everyone and can ENSURE you that you will leave the appointment with her and actually hoping you will get to see her again!! This is very ironic for an Endodontist!