Lisa U. | Manhattan, NY

Can I give it 10 stars because that is what Dr. Jacobs deserves? Last spring 2013, I found out I needed a root canal, I was terrified. I am, in general, terrified of dental work. Due to my own fault of not taking care for my mouth, I wound up needing about 5 or 6 root canals over a 3 month period.


Each time I went to Dr. Jacobs I was feeling more and more relaxed. She is gentle, kind, and comforting. The first time, I left thinking, “That was amazing.” She truly cares about her patients. Not only is she sensitive to her patients’ anxieties, she does an excellent job. Furthermore, she follows up.


Dr. Jacobs is truly wonderful at what she does; I often wonder why anyone would want to be in her industry. I am grateful that she chose this career and that we found each other.


Thank you Dr. Jacobs a million times over!!